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ecommerce security

How to Protect Ecommerce Website from Hackers

With the popularity of the internet and advancement in technology, an online store and ecommerce website become the first choice of buyer. Online platform is the best place where you can also buy and sell products. An ecommerce website has wider customer reach and open for 24×7. An Online store helps you to retain existing

deal with negative comments

How to Deal with Negative Comments

Negative feedback or criticism is always hurt and bad for business. A review or comment can be relative to your website, look, your content, product or customer support. And a bad feedback can ruin your entire day. It can damage your entire reputation specially when you are a small business or need a good image

How to Speed Up Your Website

How to Speed Up Your Website – Essential Tips to Make Your Website Faster

No one likes to wait for a website to load. Website speed is the first impression that can act upon traffic, conversions and revenue. You can search more about the value of Website speed and there are hundreds of case studies available. We developed a small structure defining website speed guidelines- Less than 1 second