5 Applicable ways to get first 100 customers for your startup

5 Applicable Ways to Get First 100 Customers for Your Startup

At starting stage, every business tries to step stones towards success and improve their customer base. Most startups fail to perform essential steps and result appears as ‘Shut Down’. The customer is the primary need of any business to get succeed.

Attracting a strong and loyal customer base is always a matter for any startup. Ideally, the future of your startup depends on your customers and their satisfaction.

Here are some growth hacks to get your first 100 loyal customers –

Start with Existing Network

Don’t forget your existing network like friends, family or attached members. Let them know about your startup and business goal. It’s always easy to sell a product or service to existing customer as they have good relationship with you than to someone you don’t have a relationship with.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a beneficial tool that should never be overlooked by any startup. It’s a most important way to connect with your customers and find new clients. Customers really want to know more about business and blog is the best platform to provide all relevant information. Blogging helps to attract more customers, keep current users, give more information, grab the attention of press, improve organic results and test new ideas.

Free or Trial Product

Giving a trial or free product can help you tweak what you’re selling or how you’re selling it, helping you maximize your profits. Free trial tactic the most effective tactics for testing the market and get customer feedback. Give enough time for trial so an individual can make a buying decision. As soon as you know your cost and price, make a sales call on a potential buyer.

Social Media

Now days, social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc important for reaching prospects, customers and business partners. Social media helps boost your business’ visibility with both current customers and potential prospects, and gives you a direct way to share your brand’s voice and content with them. A social media platform can be used as a tool for connecting with your customers and find new market/customers.