Why no free hosting

Free Web Hosting? See Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting

There will be a ton of options when it comes to free web hosting but the reality is that but all such free webhosting companies use this freemium model to promote their premium service. It’s really not worth of using free services if you are a business and looking to expand your business. Here are the eight major pitfalls of free web hosting

  • Most of free providers put hundreds of websites on the same shared server which result in slow website. Slow page speed create bad user experience.
  • You’ll not have enough control over your website, the provider can take away your free hosting anytime or can remove your website without any reason.
  • Most of free hosting providers put their own advertisements on your website that you can’t remove. You will have popups, banners or sometimes hyperlinks with your content as well.
  • Some provides do not offer any tools to easily migrate your site if you want to move your website to a paid service.
  • You may ask to pay high amount for additional services like image hosting, email accounts, FTP access, website transfer, etc
  • You website can be shut down any time without any prior notice or reason. The provider will not offer any backup or data.
  • Lack of proper security- Your website can down or hack several times and many times you can’t recover your website.
  • The free website can use your data or sell data to third party without your notice.
  • You can’t install WordPress on many free hosting plans. You’ll have limited resources to use and develop your website. Even some allow it will me limited and you may come across may errors.
  • Due to poor security with free hosting, it may used to distribute malware which can hurt your website and SEO.
  • They usually give you very limited storage to store your data. you are often asked to pay for more storage, when you reached to your limited disk space.
  • You can’t create your professional email or branded email account with free hosting services.

Good Alternatives to a Free Website

There are plenty of Hosting offering at low cost. You’ll have better features and Hosting solutions along with expert technical support. So, we highly recommend that you should opt for some of the cheapest hosting, which offers quality service at very reasonable amount.