deal with negative comments

How to Deal with Negative Comments

Negative feedback or criticism is always hurt and bad for business. A review or comment can be relative to your website, look, your content, product or customer support. And a bad feedback can ruin your entire day. It can damage your entire reputation specially when you are a small business or need a good image in the industry.

Customer makes a review not for fun or to be their presence. They want that the company take the review seriously and take action in the matter. In this article, I’ve laid out a few things you can do to respond to negative reviews-

Understand the Situation

Don’t reply before understand the whole scenario.  Read the complete feedback or comment to take appropriate action to handle the situation. Take your time to respond but remember delay is better than worthless reply.

Stay Calm

Try to remain calm and manage your emotions before addressing the situation. Allow enough time to respond. Use polite words and give the better solution instead of useless argues. If you are losing the situation or self-control, walk away for some time.

Give the Solution

Remember, customer put the comment to get solution. So, try to resolve the issue. Offering some compensation or refund is not solution so offer the best possible solution that is acceptable for both you and your customer.

Always Answer Back

Never ignore any negative review until it does look like a spam. Read the comment and respond accordingly with friendly and politely. Show your regret and start with greetings. Say thank for their feedback and regret for any incontinence.

Reply Positively

Always be positive and don’t lose your self-control in negative situation. Focus on positive aspects and show your wisdom. Respond quickly and address them with positive attitude.