Signs of a Bad Hosting Provider

What are Warning Signs of a Bad Web Hosting Provider?

For an online business, web hosting is like a back born to increase business as well as revenue. A reliable hosting is always important to keep your website up and running with minimal downtime. When you think about to build a website a question arise; “Which Hosting is the Best?” and it’s always difficult to find it.

So what should you look for when you’re evaluating hosting companies? How can you filter good hosting and bad hosting? Here we mention some signs or points that indicate a bad hosting that you must avoid to save your website or business.

Too Much Downtime

More Downtime Means Loss in business and customers. It’s most essential aspect to keep your website up to connect with your customers. Every minute is important for the business and if your website fails to entertain the visitor it means lose of money as well as creditability. So, before choosing any hosting provider makes sure that the provider guarantee you have an uptime of 99%. Check user’s reviews before any decision.

Poor Technical Support

Customer support is a big part of any business and if it sucks then don’t expect for good ROI. Customers have a lot of to know and confusions about the services and it’s essential to keep them satisfied at any time. Customer satisfaction is the real revenue of the business and customer support play unbeatable character in the game. So, always look for a provider that offer 24×7 customer support via phone, email or online chat. A good hosting company always focus on support and never disappoint the customer.

Poor Security

While looking for a hosting provider, make sure that the provider offering all essential security features like firewall technology, antivirus software and anti-malware applications. Cheap or bad hosting company will not offer that kind of protection and will keep you on the risk. Find out HTTPS, SSL Certificate etc and also check the secure payment gateway. Poor security is worse than no security.

Limited Resources

A good provider always offer a lot of resources along with the hosting plans like one click installation, security, free SSL Certificate etc. But, a bad host provider will not offer such features or may extra charges (hidden charges). So, compare price, features and support before buying any hosting plan.